Easiest DIY Furniture to put together yourself for first home buyers

Dining Table

The dining table is arguably the most important piece of furniture in an Australian home, so it might seem a bit daunting to build your own. However, thanks to the digital age that we live in, there are plenty of good guides to help you along the way. It can be as simple as buying a solid wood door, a board, some edging, timber rail, a few leg posts and bolts and screws. It may take a couple of days work but in the end, you’ll have a unique centrepiece in your dining room that you can be proud of and brag to your friends about. Why not invite your mates of for a beer and inspire some of them to take up the DIY hammer

Bench Seats

To go with your custom dining table, you can build custom bench seats that can double as storage. All you need is plenty of plywood, some framing timber, screws, some cushions and a wall or two to build them on. You can choose to have hinged lids, or lids that slot into a frame, you can build back supports or keep it simple with just a foam cushion along the whole bench. Bench seats can be useful in more than just the dining room. They are a welcome addition in the entryway to assist injured or older people in taking off and putting on their shoes, as well as storage for sports gear or shoes. They can also be used in an outdoor dining setting, to make the most of the available space.

TV Cabinet

A TV Cabinet is surprisingly easy to make. All you need is some sash clamps, some old scaffolding planks, wood glue and screws. You can choose the best height for your TV and lounge set and customise the space to fit your consoles, sky box and stereo. You can even add wheels to the cabinet so that you can move it around and use the space for other activities if needed. You could even build two matching cabinets and use one of them as a coffee table!



Sometimes your first home doesn’t have enough storage and you need a bigger or second wardrobe. Fortunately, wardrobes aren’t that hard to build. With a few sheets of ply and a small selection of hardware, you can create a wardrobe designed specifically to your needs. You can even put two on wheels to move them around and make the most of your storage space by stacking them in front of each other.

Treasure Chest

What child would not want to hoard their toys in a treasure chest!? How cool would a massive chest look at the foot of your bed? Whatever you could use it for, an epic treasure chest for extra storage is a simple but rewarding DIY project. Whether its a pirate themed treasure chest for the playroom or a Viking style chest for the end of the bed, this is a fun project to spend a weekend working on, and is a perfect project to experiment with different finishes and stains.


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