How to Style the Perfect Summer House Lounge

Space is key to creating ambience and a sense of personal style in a summer house. Usually quite small, any decoration needs to draw in light and place emphasis on the empty spaces.

Use light colours

You want to use light colours when decorating a summer house to minimize any shadows. Lightly coloured furnishings will help enunciate the space and colours such as off white, crème, ivory, grey and beige will also allow any feature walls or unique furniture pieces to truly stand out. Adding a lightly coloured throw or macramé plant hanging will make so much difference to the light and use that so your summer house looks larger than it really is.

Use versatile furniture

In today’s world, versatile furniture does not have to mean ugly. Brands such as IKEA, Target and Organature sell slick looking futons and sofa beds that don’t look dual-purpose upon first glance. This means you can maximise the use of your summer house and use it as a guest room, or secret hideaway if required. A sturdy ottoman that can be sat on, but also has storage space can work well and allow you to hide away throws and cushions that are not in use.Use wall hangings

Wall hangings can be used to reinforce the theme of the summer house, add character and make a feature wall. In a beach house styled summer house, oars or an antique kayak hanging on the wall can make a huge difference. Tapestries or paintings of a scene that fits the theme of the summer house, such as the sea, forest or mountain, can really help make you feel like you are in that environment. Other interesting wall hangings could be flags, signs and local curiosities from the area. A shelf of empty bottles from local wineries or breweries, signs for local landmarks or flags from countries you’ve visited or wish to visit can create an individual character for your summer house.

Use soft fittings and furnishings

Curtains and light bulbs are commonly overlooked when designing and fitting a summer house, and a summer house lounge is no exception. You may have a small garden summer house that is one room, or a holiday home style summer house. Either way, the centre of your summer house is the lounge. The lounge should be bright and full of light so it is welcoming and comfortable. To ensure this, one should choose warm light bulbs. LED lights are best, or low energy soft coloured lights. If you have a chandelier then ensure it is a light colour such as crystal or white. Curtains should be soft and flowing. Fabrics such as voile, silk, lace, netting or brocade can be used to create a sophisticated space that maintains light and flow without breaking the bank.


Remember that your summer house is a reflection of yourself and your personality. You can still ensure that it is a unique and memorable space while maximizing light and ensuring it has style. 

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