What are the latest trends in window coverings?

Window coverings offer privacy for a household and block out or allow in as much natural light as one’s heart desires. The window coverings in a home say a lot about the personal style of the people who inhabit it. Similarly, they contribute massively to the overall effect of the interior design. Window coverings like DIY blind, custom curtains, roller blinds, and timber shutters enhance the look and feel of the space is an important way and should not be underestimated. 

What, then, are the most popular kinds of window coverings, and what makes each kind special? Well, the interior design world is vast and various and there are many ways to make a statement in the home. Some window coverings are great for blocking out natural light, whilst others are great for letting in natural light. It all depends on the unique needs of the homeowner. 

The window coverings below are some of the most popular solutions in the current interior design market: 


Roller Blinds are a Minimalists Dream 

The cleanest and simplest solution is by far the roller blind. These window coverings are minimalist without being boring. They are customisable without going over the top. Roller blinds are increasingly popular in the home and offer just as many possibilities to the buyer: customise the transparency, colour and texture of a set of roller blinds to complement any space. 

Roller blinds are also useful for improving the heat insulation of the home. Depending on which way they’re hung, roller blinds create a buffer between cold window panes and the warm air inside a home, thus reducing the amount of heat lost to the cold environment beyond! 


Timber Plantation Shutters are Super Stylish 

Timber shutters have the unique ability to be charming and elegant at the same time. These window coverings are great for just about any home: they afford privacy without blocking out light (unless desired), they’re safe and easy to use, and they look incredible, always. 

DIY blinds are easily tailored to suit the dimensions of the home. With the right measurements and a strong stylistic vision, anyone can create their own DIY blinds, curtains or timber shutters in a couple of simple steps. 


Custom Curtains at Every Length 

Although curtains are traditional window coverings, they simply never go out of style. Custom curtains open up a world of opportunity in terms of colour, textile, transparency, and length. Therefore, they can be tailored to suit any room, any style, any time. 

Custom curtains that fall just off the floor are always elegant as they fall straight and true, whilst pooling curtains add drama and romance to bedrooms and formal rooms. The combinations are nearly endless. 


Consider Modern Hardware and Technology 

Better yet, most window coverings can be elevated further with the right hardware and technology. The colour and material used to hang custom curtains enhance the style of the room. For example, the colour of the curtain tracks, or the diameter of the slats in the timber shutters. These details have an impact on the overall effect of the window coverings. 

Similarly, DIY blinds and window coverings can be motorised to enhance their usability and make them even safer for home with children. Motorisation is just another great development in the window coverings industry that’s sweeping across the nation. 

All in all, window coverings are a personal choice and they depend on the desired look and feel of a given space. What’s on-trend won’t always align with the unique style of a home or room, and that’s quite alright. What matters most is that when someone chooses their window coverings, they meet the person’s needs and exceed their style expectations. 

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